Thinking of Selling?
Marketing is the most important step in selling a home. Many people think if a Realtor will put a home in the Multiple Listing Service, put a sign out front, run an ad and hold an open house that will do the job. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnít.

We know marketing to be much more than that. Your place is in competition against many others on the market. To get a successful sale, we market your property in such a way as to get as many people as possible to see your place. This is the key! The more people who see your place the more likely it is to sell. If that person doesnít buy, they will pass on the word to a friend or relative who will. There is a buyer for every property; the buyer for yours just hasnít seen it yet. We never give up finding that buyer.

Our Plan Of Action

VIRTUAL TOUR & PHOTOS: We will do a virtual tour for the local MLS & our web sites and take as many photos as needed to show all the best features for advertising. Studies have shown virtual tours and photos promote interest; the more the better.

WEB SITES: Your property will be advertised on various websites including, (Honolulu MLS),, & Sometimes the buyer will live on Oahu and many times the buyer will live somewhere else. The internet allows people from all over the world to see your place. The photos and our ads make your home stand out from the others.

FEATURED HOMES MARKETING SYSTEM: We will also advertise your home in our Featured Homes Marketing System which provides top billing in a prime spot on This is the Realtorsí National MLS website

MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE (MLS): We will advertise your place in the Honolulu Board of Realtors MLS; developing a list of features & benefits for your property for other Realtors and potential buyers.

ADVERTISING: We will advertise your home in the newspapers & other real estate media. Create flyers to promote your property and add additional exposure through a professional sign where permitted.

DIRECT MAIL: Announce your property via direct mail to the neighborhood & other targeted areas. When coordinated with an open house, this is an effective way to get people to see your place. Many times, people will have a friend or relative who is interested in your area.

OPEN HOUSE: Hold open house with newspaper & internet ads and mailed invitations to get the maximum amount of people through. The more people who see your place the quicker we can get it sold.

NETWORKING MEDIA: We also promote your property through our Realtor network, Realtors Networking on Oahu (RNO) & Real Estate Board meetings for maximum exposure to other agents in Hawaii.

BUYER QUALIFICATION: We pre-qualify all prospective buyers through their agents and their lenders. We donít want to tie up your place if the buyer canít afford the property. We also provide various lendersí financial programs available for your place.

UPDATES: We will inform you of any changes in the market, providing you with an updated Comparative Market Analysis and with the progress updates on the status of the sale of your property.

THE OFFER: We submit all written offers as presented, helping you decipher what it means to you by providing an estimate of your net sales proceeds and then negotiate the best possible price & terms for you.

THE ESCROW: Coordinate & follow-up on all mortgage, title and closing procedures.

INSPECTIONS: Coordinate all inspections (home, termite, appraisal, survey, etc.) with the respective parties.

THE CLOSING: Finally, deliver your check at closing!

If this sounds like it would work for you, please complete whatever information you are comfortable with to see what your home would sell for in todays market.

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